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4 thiết bị Y tế tiện ích cho sức khỏe nên có tại nhà

4 the following medical equipment will help keep your house fresh for members to always be safe from illness. There are medical devices that can help your house against all kinds of diseases arise from viruses, bacteria such as: colds and flu, sore red eyes ... by stopping viruses, bacteria development. Learn the use of these devices and quickly refurbish it to your house.


1. Humidity generator

According to Dr. Trachtenberg - child health experts said equipment with moisture in the air, especially when used at night, can help relieve congestion and prevent diseases of the blood vessels or for the whole family by adding moisture to the air.

Moist air will help more effective respiratory nasal mucus and it will create by natural relief of cough and prevent throat dry from burning. In addition, the devices create moisture humidifier provides moisture, prevent dry eye irritation, prevents the easy peeling of the skin, avoid chapped lips.

Many air humidifier device also has the function technology new chamber ultraviolet light can kill up to 99.9% of mold and bacteria in the water.

2. Audiometer
Have you ever heard about the use of a hygrometer to the health of your family?! You will be surprised as this is one of the extremely Medical devices and utility cost is very cheap for the whole family's health. Hygrometer available at the shop drugs, hygrometer provides parameters of the relative humidity in your home. This will help you to adjust the humidity as well as provide maximum moisture to the house of his family.

The experts say that if you have a hygrometer family, it will reduce the risk of some diseases derived from viruses such as influenza virus have little chance to survive on surfaces and in the air of the you when the humidity level between 40 and 60 percent.

3. Thermometer

Fever is often one of the first signs of the flu and a "notice" positive when someone in your family has signs of infection ... What is needed now is that you should have one or two thermometers in the family medicine cabinet in order to capture the time illness of a loved one and call your doctor right away if necessary. For children, the thermometer body is always indispensable items for mothers in health care for children.

4. Air filtration devices

Whether you live in a locale in rural areas or cities, the clean fresh air and always a matter of primary concern. Because the quality of your indoor air contributes to 90% of the generation of flu, colds and allergies. Experts said that if the indoor air can be 2-5 times more pollution than the air outside.

Often, such as sneezing, sore throat and eye development and exacerbated that can be triggered by dust, mold, fur and smoke in your home. So an air filter is essential for a healthy home and your family warm. There are many air purifiers are devices equipped with the technology to remove odors, reduce and kill 99% of viruses, molds, bacteria and other allergens in the air with UV light.

Preventing disease is always a very important issue for health. So why at this moment, you do not use the device on your family stay healthy?!

According afamily.vn


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