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ounded in 1916, ITO began by developingJapan’s first electrotherapy equipment. Since then, we have advocated the inportance of health management, predicting the increase in lifestyle-related diseases. With the aging of society in recent years has come a reaffirmation of the effectiveness and potential of physiotherapy, with increased interest from a wide range of fields. We intend to continue leading the way into the new world of physiotherapy in order to maintain a healthy society.


ITO products are currently used in medical facilities in over 40 countries around the world. This is due to the fact that, as a pioneer in this field in Japan, Ito was quick to embrace the worldwide mainstream concept of EBM (Evidence Based Medicine), and continually incorporate it into the development of innovative equipment. Our quality environmental management system is certified to satisfy the ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001, and our products comply with MDD (EU), UL and FDA (U.S.A). We made an investment in 2004 in the construction of a new Reliability Management Center that will enable us to supply even safer equipment with further quality improvements. We believe that our dedication to quality will gain us the trust of more and more people around the world.


With 20 year experience in Vietnam, Ito is the first electrotherapy producer to base its office in Vietnam (Licence No. 2824 TM-GP issued by Ministry of Trade). This  means the leading role of Ito in electrotherapy equipments introduction, guide, installation, maintenance and devices supply in Vietnam.


Manufactured in Japan, Ito products are best  for Vietnamese people in terms of shape, size, psycho, environment, climate and body.

ITO products are widely used by leading experts in  Electrotherapy in Vietnam, namely, Ministry of Health, Vietnam Acupuncture Association, and Functional Therapy Association etc.


In addition, Ito products are the No.1 choice of all hospitals in Therapy hospital system. It is among the most popular trademarks in sporting and home care services.

Thank you for using Ito products, we will continue to lead the way into the new world of physiotherapy.



-Tokyo Medical Electric Co.,Ltd founded by Kenji Ito

-Japan’s first AC X-ray machine and other decives developed


-“Radio and Experiments” monthly magazine, Japan’s first specialist radio technology magazine, first published (Now published by Seibundo Shinkosha publishing company)


-Chairman Ito contributes to development of radio technology and receives NHK founding merit award.


-“My Soul”, Japan’s first shortware therapy unit, developed

-ME equipment such as electrocardiograms and electroencephalographs developed


-Company name changed to Ito Co.,Ltd.

-Wide range of electrotherapy equipment developed


-R&D Center opened


-Osteotron, Japan’s first bone-growth stimulator, launched Tsukuba Factory opened


-Shanghai Office opened in P.R.China


-Hanoi Office opened in Vietnam

-Trio 300, world’s first miniature multi-mode stimulator, launched

-PM-800 Series, world’s first inverter-controlled microwave therapy unit, launched


-ISO 9001 certification acquired


-85th anniversary of founding celebrated

-ISO 13485 certification acquired


-ES-420 and ES-160 win 2003 iF Design Award

-ISO 14001 certification acquired


-Reliability Management Center established

-EU-940 wins 2004 iF Design Award


-90th anniversary of founding celebrated

-US-750 wins iF Design Award.