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5 medical devices should be included in the family

You feel a little fever, low blood pressure, dizziness ....? For further explanation, initially diagnosed health condition, you need has 5 medical equipment:



This electronic device that detects disturbances in the body, which is very useful for those who frequently have to monitor blood pressure.

Just click the Start button (start), wait, full electronic board displays, exact parameters of blood pressure, heart rate ... and alert you to signs of an irregular heartbeat, abnormal trends, help early detection of cardiovascular disease for timely treatment.

2. Electronic balance

In addition to balancing your body weight, this device has the ability to analyze the components of the body as fat, water, muscle tissue ... On that basis, electronic scale will calculate and provide the appropriate amount of calories for your body.

3. Electronic thermometer

Electronic thermometers are very useful and versatile, k: he only used to measure the body temperature, but also measure the temperature of water, air, food for babies.

4. Dental cleaner

 Oral care device

This product is essential for those suffering from diseases of the teeth, gums, especially those who have false teeth, plaque, gold teeth, tooth decay ... Strong spray of water (can be replaced by the liquid, chemical oral hygiene) will wash away the dirt and plaque, and massage, to help gain stronger.

5. Blood glucose meter

Page 1 blood glucose meter using the family is essential for people with diabetes, it helps people to know the road condition and timely adjustment of diet and medication.


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