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Quality management system

ITO has been working with  professors and universities to continously develop new physical therapy softwares. These areEVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE (EBM) with high efficiency and optimal database to minimize external medicin treatment. ITO devices are widely used over 40 countries worldwide.  

is the leader in matching different standards and certificates: ISO-9001,  MDD (CE marking), FDA, and UL.

first priority is to remain its first place in Physical therapy, which means the best quality, safety and prestige for customers.

ur quality management centre and advanced production department create a perfect ITO device  life circle:

1. Real life testing:
+Durability Test Robot:
This robot is used to define the durability of devices. This 6 hand robot is controlled by central computer and able to carry out real life situations. During the testing process, details are copied and repeated for best testing results.

2. Moisture Testing: 
sing a special device to test product quality in case of moisture change. This is to test whether deformations or quality changes happen under moisture effects. It is also used for parts of devices that most effected by moisture changes.

3. Temperature and Moisture stability testing: 
 large lab is used in testing to check the stability  and safety of products under different temperature and moisture conditions.

4. Environmental Adaption Testing: 
y a low temperature and moisture testing device. This is also the device to use in long-term changing environment. The reliability of devices and machines is tested by creating different moisture and temperature status.

5.Supersonic test: 
his is a supersonic testing device at very high frequency. This device can define the mistakes  through wave diagram and it  can also check the energy on radiated surfaces.

6. Delivering risk testing: 
ibration testing device:
This device is used to test the durability of machines during delivery period through real life situation experiments.

ackaging testing device reveals the packaging status of products by checking the height and direction of object falling.

8. Wire quality testing
he longevity of wires and wires with plug are experimented.

9. X-Ray testing:
nables machine status confirmation without breaking or destroying.

10. Microscope checking:
heck status differencies of materials, surfaces, diameter on micro devices.

11. Micro structure device checking: used for monitoring micro parts of electronic devices.

12. Strains checking: 
used in monitoring complex products and micro details in eletric circuits.

13. Automated checking system:
eight checking: automatic checking system from short waves center.

14. Efficiency analysis:
etwork analysis device: analyzes  force distribution and how to create an efficient force with medical equipments using short waves.

15. Safety improvements 
esistance analysis device: used to calculate electronic details by light quakes. It also send the status report.

We will continue to lead the way into the new world of physiotherapy.