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Máy kích thích điện giảm đau, giảm co cơ bằng dòng TENS Model: TENS - 120Z

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ITO CO.,LTD. LAZR-207 / 215 / 115 Promotion Movie

ITO CO.,LTD. RSK-600 Promotion Movie

Máy kích thích điện STYLIFT

Giới thiệu máy siêu âm điều trị nhỏ gọn US-101L/US-103S

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Hi-power laser LAZR-207/215

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Product Description


  • The unique solution: 7 emissions in a single laser
  • Settings: sound, screen light, language, greeting sreen, time…
  • Safe mode: connection interlock, continuously control handpiece temperature during treatment process.
  • 5 effect modes: bio-stimulant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, tension relief.
  • Calibration: Normative graphic and acoustic control system for laser emission at handpiece exit in accordance with norm CEI EN 60825-1
  • Over 60 pathologies with interactive illustrations and protocols sub-divided by phase.


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